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Careers in Sports, Fitness, and Recreation

Robert F. Wilson. Careers in Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Authors:Robert F. Wilson.
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Book Summary:
The world is enjoying a sports and fitness revolution, and rewarding careers abound for sports-focused men and women. Described here are job opportunities in public and private health clubs, martial arts academies, public and private golf courses, sportsequipment sales reps and retailers, and more. Here too is advice on training as referees, umpires, and judges at games and other athletic contests. Titles in the practical and enlightening Success Without College series guide ambitious young men and women toward satisfying and well-paying careers in fields where a college degree is not required. However, all occupations described do require specialized training, either on the job or in technical or vocational classroom settings. Readers learn how and where to get that training, then find out how to get started on the highway to career success.

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